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May 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
of the united states, governor mitt romney. >> in his commencement speech at the world's largest christian evangelical university, mitt romney underscored his stand against gay marriage. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> that line was a guaranteed crowd pleaser at liberty university, which was founded by the late reverend jerry falwell and is located in the battleground state of virginia. the presumptive republican nominee's appearance is an important step toward winning over the ultraconservatives who shunned him during the primary. president obama, who made history this past week by publicly supporting gay marriage, was honoring the nation's top cops. >> there are people who are alive today only because of their courage. >> first lady michelle obama was at north carolina a&t state university talking about civil rights but inviting comparisons to current fights, like gay marriage. >> but we all know that there are still plenty of serious injustices crying out for our attention. we know this. >> two campaigns sharpening their lines in the fight for the white h
May 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
of my presidency. the most intense concentrated day that i've had as president of the united states. >> the president says everything was kept really close to the vest. the first lady didn't even know about it until after it happened. >> brian williams joining us on the phone right now. brian, we have to start by saying what an incredible look that was that you and your team provided inside what happened at the white house. there are a whole lot of things we'd like to ask you. what's the most amazing thing to you about the process of the whole bin laden raid and the strategy sessions that went into making that happen? >> well, doreen, jim, thank you. i think chiefly what we're proudest of is we were -- we asked for this opportunity. we were allowed in to kind of deconstruct and recreate that picture and talk to all the principles in it, the entire leadership of government. i think you happened upon it earlier. i think the secrecy, the close hold to use government parlance because if they'd missed that launch window for whatever reason that night, it might have been six more months.
May 6, 2012 11:00pm EDT
this victim and kept going. 28-year-old samuel diaz came to the united states from el salvador in search of a better life. but he lost his life here on university boulevard in a hit and run crash saturday night. >> got hit by a car, runway. that's all we know. >> reporter: diaz was run over while crossing the street around 9:00 p.m. the driver of the striking vehicle, a silver suv, didn't stop. >> somebody saw something, come out and speak and tell what happened. >> reporter: according to friends and witnesses, the victim had worked earlier in the day. then he'd come out here to the king kong chinese restaurant. they say he was walking home when he was struck and killed. diaz was crossing in an area with no crosswalks. we found several people crossing this busy boulevard dodging cars, traveling at high speeds. >> wait for the white sign that says it's okay to walk. >> reporter: prince george's county leads the state in pedestrian fatalities and police recently started a street smart campaign to ticket drivers and jaywalkers. >> what's it like for someone trying to cross university boulev
May 20, 2012 11:00pm EDT
visible over parts of the united states in 18 years. >> we had an absolutely delightful weekend. doesn't get much better. >> no it doesn't. >> n that's the thing about it. it was really fantastic. no matter where you were, it was really great except for those people right down towards the beaches. we just talked about everybody coming back from ocean city and reho rehoebeth. now we all have to get ready for the rain. let's take a look at it and show you what's happening outside. we're looking at some positions out there that are continuing to see the clouds move in. the showers are starting to move in right now. for the most part, they are light and will continue to be. notice the lower clouds. you can see the reflection in the sky. outside temperatures, 81 degrees. low of 59 this morning. average high 77. another great day today for most of us. especially if you are west of the potomac or west of the chesapeake bay. a little to the east, we saw more in the way of cloud cover. not a bad day. just a few light showers from time to time. take a look at the numbers. that explains the scena
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4